How Many Of You Refused To Eat Rabbit Meat and Switch to A Vegetarian Diet?

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    To all vegetarians out there,

    I had a story to tell you why I refused to eat rabbit meat, and chosen to go vegetarian.

    The story starts off when I was spending time at my grandma’s house on 2011. She wanted me to try rabbit meat, but I refused to do it because, I respect rabbits. But my uncle tried to force me to grab hold of a package of rabbit meat, I was so afraid to hold it! If I’ve eaten rabbit meat… that will be a total disaster. And these rabbits will chase me as a revenge. That indicates I’ve became a traitor. I tried my best to keep myself out of trouble. I know the rabbit queen someplace is kind of strict. She can punish anyone for eating rabbit meat. I have to let grandma know I respect rabbit, but it’s still not working.

    It was getting close to dinner time, my grandmother offered me a rabbit leg to eat, but I refused to eat it because, what I’ve mentioned earlier; I respect rabbits. As I refused to eat rabbit meat; the rabbit queen said, “Choose a vegetarian diet… you can stop the persecution and slaughter of our rabbits. Never eat rabbit under any circumstances, it’s bad for you. You might need to go to the store, and choose an alternative meal to make for yourself.” I’ve already planned it out. And that’s when I ate some alternative food that is available. My grandmother didn’t know eating rabbit meat gives me the creeps!

    Days went by; I taken a trip to the store, and I bought some shrimp, pasta, and broccoli to make a vegetarian meal. I chosen my desired food what I want to eat.

    At home; I made my meal with my grandmother. She cooked the shrimp and pasta as I cooked the broccoli with the microwave oven.

    Once I finished cooking, I start to eat my dinner. I’ve implemented my replacement dinner because, that enables me NOT to eat rabbit. More people should stop eating rabbits because, vegetarianism helps cut animal slaughter.

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