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    It’s okay to believe in fairies,–especially if you are older than 10 years of age. But some people were infringing the rights of a fairy-believers who wanted to believe in fairies. Although; it’s NOT nice to say “You are too old for fairies!” It’s seem kind of malicious to me in my opinion. Why some people were saying this to many people who were believing in fairies? This is kind of an issue for many fairy-believers out there.

    I know the problem is; people making movies with fairies featured in it. But they’re been preaching to some people who were older than 10. That’s kind of backwards. Anyone can believe in fairies,–if they want to. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter how tall you are, it doesn’t matter how heavy you are, and it doesn’t matter what your grade is.

    There’s an endless battle between fairy-believers… and the infringers who were infringing upon the rights of the fairy-believers. You heard of these TV shows, such as the Fairly OddParents, many adults has their right to believe in fairies, or have fairies grant wishes to them has been severely infringed. Well, this TV show has been stopped being aired on my TV set. Maybe the creators who were creating this TV show were under fire, or something. However, Fairly OddParents Sucks! The creators didn’t even develop any upgrades to their shows to make it better for adults. Since I’m an activist who wanted anyone to have rights to believe in fairies. Luckly I’ve started believing in fairies since 2005, and it was successful.!

    If you discover someone telling you… you are too old for fairies; tell him/her you had the right to believe in fairies. What is your story about your right to believe in fairies? Did anyone infringe your right to believe in fairies? Reply to this topic if you had a story about a problem when believing in fairies.

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