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    • Activist Zone

      This group is ideal for activists to communicate. Whenever you're an animal activist, internet activist, or any kind of activist who wanted to change our world. For example; you created a petition to stop copyfraud, and you wanted to remove copyright-trolls from our web.

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    • The Tea Room

      Brew your cup of tea, bake your scones, and grab some vegetables, fruit, and other meatless snacks! The virtual tea room is the place to be. Whenever you're a sharing a story, telling stories, or working with your project with your friends.

      This is a virtual tea room where fairies, mythology, and other fairy-based topics were listed. Well tea rooms are going kind of rare, but there's a possible way to make tea rooms come back to our society. Choosing tea over any other beverage is also ideal for this forum, but a decision is yours.

      More Info

      For the past years, we've been drinking tea,--after it's been discovered in Asia. Overtime; soft-drinks has caused some tea rooms to lose some repeat-customers, and go out of service. It doesn't have to be that way. It's possible to start your own tea room at your own house, or apartment. Or find an existing tea room at your local town; but you might need to do your homework to find a correct place.

      About this Forum Category

      Many people who enjoy tea might have tea rooms in their homes around the world. It's kind of rare to find tea rooms in our homes. This is beyond worse nightmares for many tea-drinkers. Many tea-drinkers don't support alcoholic beverages, and bars where they sell liquor. Although; parents who were caring about tea, and a wholesome family has managed to keep their tea rooms in their homes active, promote social skills, and leave liquor out of their cups,--for good.

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    • Suggestions For Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

      Have some New ideas for our site, and you want to Make Fairies Dreams & Fantasy a better place, or make it easier for all of us to interact with our community? Post your suggestions here!

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