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      Finding a group to discuss a topic about your imagination what you're sharing, this group is the place to be. Wondering about this group? We assembled this group that focuses on imagination/dream-ralated topics. This group is called 'Our Imagination & Dream Balcony; because, everyone wanted to share their night time dreams what they had since they're asleep 1 night ago. Not all of our dreams are the same. Some of our dreams can be changed., or interconnected by all of us. You might had a similar dream,--whenever you're watching a movie, TV show, or taken a trip to a fair. Sharing your imagination is kind of difficult, but it's now easier for us to communicate with our peers.

      Whenever you're sharing your story about your imagination, or sharing a question about what you've dreamed of, etc. All of us have dreams each night, and some of us imagine a different world. Share your stories/questions/topics at this group.

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       Aaron Johnson