Forum Guidelines

These forum rules are important to keep our forums safe, and free of other bad activities. Please read these rules carefully before you ever post a new topic on our forums. That’s very important for safety.

Adult Content

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy doesn’t accept adult content at this time. You should avoid posting any links to commercial porn sites. We don’t allow posting of images that contain naked individuals for sexual purposes. Never the less, we don’t allow any adult posts that contain child-pornography, human-trafficking, sex-trafficking, rape, or any other adult content that is illegal.

Respect Everyone’s rights!

Avoid posting content that doesn’t belong to you,–unless you had permission from someone else. Always respect their intellectual rights. But watch out! Some copyright-trolls, and other intellectual trolls! These fraudsters has been infecting our internet for years.

Consumer’s rights is always a primary priority… don’t spoof consumers what you are selling, or offering. That applies to people who is using the advertising system that is dedicated to submit ads to keep the forums free. For example… ads that lead to a blank page, and there’s no content to view, or links to navigate.

Always respect women’ts rights! Never infringe the rights all women under any circumstances. Encourage FGM, breast-ironing, rape, sexual violence, trafficking, sex trafficking of women, flogging, or any other unlawful acts is prohibited.

Human rights is the important priority. Never carry out sacrificing events as a richual event. Killing anyone,–with an unlawful reason referencing “giving a person to certain worshipped gods”, or any other unlawful acts is illegal, and you will go to prison. This is NOT a ritual. This outdated society needs to be phased out to protect the rights of everybody around the world immediately!


Don’t post advertisements when creating a new topic. Instead, use the advertising system. Fairies Dreams & Fantasy does NOT offer free advertising. Read these details below:

Unpaid Advertising

  • Unpaid advertisements, promotions, sponsorships, and other advertorial content is NOT permitted on the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Forums. Don’t post advertisements when posting topics, forums are designed for discussions, and other conversations. Posting large amounts of unpaid advertising content doesn’t just cause our reputation to keep this forum running… that can also cause unpleasant hogging of server resources, databases, and disk storage.
  • What’s mentioned above… advertising is NOT free. If you were submitting unpaid advertisements; your advertisements will be removed. This is NOT limited to having your topics with unpaid promotional content removed.
  • If you wanted to submit your ads to this forum… find the dedicated advertising form that is available on this site. If the form is not available… please contact the webmaster if you want to advertise on our forums.
  • Content That is related to Sharia

    Sharia is NOT welcomed on The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Forums. We’re not saying, “You can’t discuss a topic about banning Sharia Law.” We don’t allow Islamic laws to block our forums because, freedom of speech is considered a priority for everyone around the world. But Sharia is prohibited on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. Further details are:

  • Death threats are illegal! – Sharia doesn’t make you via any country,–especially Islamic territories… immuned to legal actions against you. Such as prison time, extradition, prosecution, or any other legal troubles. No children, women, writers, bloggers, journalists, authors, filmakers, site administrators, videographers, photographers, artists, critics, activists, human rights organizations, women’s rights organizations, babies, LGBT rights organizations, LGBTs, blind, deaf, disabled, non-religious, groups, kings, queens, princes, princesses, emperorss, empresses, or any other individual/group deserve to die,–or be killed. Murder plots is a serious crime.
  • Posting Content That Encourage ‘Honor’ Killing Of Women and Young Girls Is Prohibited – This is a serious crime. Murdering anyone for leaving religion… for example, Islam is a serious crime,–resulting you being placed behind bars for life. And once you’re placed behind bars for life; you can’t return to our society. And you will be liable for your unforgiving crime what you just committed. And in some cases… murderers are subject to capital punishment!
  • Posting Content That Encourage Raping Young Girls and Women Is Prohibited – No young girl deserves to be raped or abused,–especially women. Rape is a serious crime. Rapists are NOT welcomed on the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Forums. Never the less… you will NOT post on this forum,–if you were a convicted rapist, sex-offender, murderer, or any other individual who is responsible for raping women, and young children. You will NOT post any rape threats against anyone under any circumstances.
  • Terrorism

    Terrorism is NOT allowed on the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Forums. Terrorism is a serious crime, that can lead you in prison, or worse. You will NOT use this site if you were a terrorist who is responsible for doing mass harm to anyone. Islamic terrorists are officially NOT allowed on this site because, terrorism should NOT be tolerated.

    Sales Of Alcohol and Tobacco Products

    The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Forums doesn’t allow sales of alcohol and tobacco products. These products are regulated by major countries. This site has no place for tobacco and alcohol products.

    Any content that encourages anyone to drink alcohol, or consume tobacco products is prohibited. This prohibition is necessary to keep this site safe for all visitors of all ages.

    Posting of Personally Identifiable Information

    Don’t post anyone’s SSNs, credit/debit card numbers, ID numbers, or any other sensitive data.

    Pyramid Schemes and other illegal get rich schemes

    Don’t post any content that encourages anyone to start a pyramid scheme, or other illegal schemes.


    Don’t use this site to distribute malware to harm computers, servers, routers, switches, phones, tablets, TV sets, fax machines, mobile phones, alarms, ATMs, or any other electronic device. Distribution of malware is illegal, and it can lead you to prison time. For examples below:

  • Botnets used for carrying out malware attacks to take down sites.
  • Malware stored in copy-protected media. Fairies Dreams & Fantasy will NEVER support DRM under any circumstances.
  • Malicious code or scripts that are built to hijack computers, or any device.
  • Distribution of viruses, worms, trojan horses, trojan dialers, trojan downloaders, rogues, backdoors, warrentless searching without a valid warrent via a court system (carried out by corrupt government agencies), spying, unlawful spying, password-stealing trojans, and other malware.
  • Sofware with hidden malware.
  • Foul Words

    Foul words are NOT welcomed on this site, all posts will be strategically edited to prevent children, teenagers, and concerned adults from viewing foul words. All forum content is monitored and edited to keep this site safe.

    Sales Of Fossil Fuels

    This site will NEVER tolerate sales of fossil fuels because, they cause issues to our planet. These posts with these questionable links to the sites will be deleted, and these sites where fossil fuels used as energy sources will be blacklisted via the blocking system on this site.

    Illegal Hunting

    Don’t post any content that encourages any to hunt animals that were in danger of going extinct. This is necessary to protect our ecosystem. Here are the following animals you should NEVER hunt:

    • Pangolins
    • Wolves
    • giraffes
    • Elephants (all types)
    • Whales
    • And more…

    Don’t post content that encourages anyone to hunt animals,–due to high levels of poaching. But you can criticise hunting activities.

    Bullying is a nightmare!

    Bullying on The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Forums is prohibited. This forum is not suitable for any bullying activity. Bullies often post threatening messages to target children, the handicap, or anyone who is NOT tough. It doesn’t matter how big you are. If you were responsible for bullying anyone online; you will be suspended from this forum,–resulting you NOT to post any content for a long period of time. Any bully who is responsible for posting content that harms students at school should be penalized by a teacher who is speaking up for a victim of bullying. The bully should be penalized,–not the victim. That also applies to families at home. If you believed content what a bully is watching on TV is to blame… you may need to block certain content to prevent the bully from duplicating activities on TV. That isn’t limited to the following:

    • Content that encourages big brothers, big sisters, or anyone to harm others in families, schools, parks, community centers, and other places.
    • Adult movies with fighting scenes that are NOT suitable for little children.
    • Content without a warning message,–telling anyone NOT to try this at home.
    • Certain websites
    • Certain movies

    Best Practices

    Search for any existing topics before posting

    Always search for any open topics,–before you post a new one. Whenever you’re starting a topic that interests you. Be sure to choose a category that suits your topic. If any of these topics interest you, don’t hijack the thread. Instead, read carefully before posting your reply. Be sure to check your spelling before posting.

    You can also search for a specific topic.

    Be kind to your peers!

    Always be kind to other members on this site. That works the best if your content is free of bad words (foul words). Accessive amounts of foul words will be removed. Always use proper language when posting.

    Be careful with links to other sites

    Think twice before you add a link to site as a reference. You have to be extra careful NOT to link to a malicious site. If you did this by mistake, edit your post, and remove the link that is causing a problem what you discovered.