New Changes to the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy forums

We’re proud to Announce the following Changes to our forums,–regarding a color scheme. Some users has experienced some hidden text with a same color via the same background color. We’ve changed it to red,–so you can able to read forum threads.

This is why we implemented these changes:

  • Users on discovered our content is blank, but they can’t read what’s contained in the forum content. It uses a standard lit background.
  • This is our first experienced difficulty with our forums. It took some time for us to fix this problem.

We have resolved this issue because, we had an option to change our CSS of our forum site to make it easier to see. But we prefer to use light text on a dark background to reduce power on CRT monitors.

We’re currently getting our forums tested to varify if our site is easy to use. You are free to jump to our forums page by going to to test it out. Try to post a new topic, and see if you experienced any problems. You may submit a suggestion to help our forums work correctly. We need help from you to choose the right color scheme for our forums pages.

h3>What to look for?

Look for any possible elements that must’ve blended with a color scheme,–making it too impossible to find, and activate. Whenever you’re using text fields, check boxes, or any element.

Varify if any part of this site is usable, and readable to your vision. You need a screen-reader to perform this task. Use an open-source screen-reader, or a out of box screen-reader on your Chromebook, or any device that has a screen-reader built in.

Use the view source feature to varify if our CSS is working correctly.

If the forums don’t appear, you need to switch to a different browser. Or update all browsers what you’ve currently installed on your computer.

If you successfully found a problem, please let us know by leaving comments below this post. Be sure to describe as much as you can, and tell us what you’ve just found.