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    • A House Free Of Mouse-Traps
      Discuss about a lifestyle of living in a house/apartment without mouse-traps. This forum is ideal for people who care about mice. It's NOT limited to mouse-owners around the world.
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    • Dairy-Free Farm

      Discuss about leaving dairy off your plate. Whether if you were speaking up for cattle who were raised for dairy, not limited to cattle... other animals too. However; a decision is yours!

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       Aaron Johnson

    • Pescetarian Zone
      This forum is ideal for pescetarians to discuss about choosing sustainable fish, and seafood,--along with some other discussions about replacing common meats what we eat with seafood that replaces any kind of meat. Although; some vegetarians accept fish within their diet. Some vegetarians choose which fish to eat.
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    • 3 weeks, 4 days ago

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    • The Egg-Free Porch

      Share your story why you refused to eat eggs. Wether if you wanted to spare a chicken's life, or you were a vegan who used to eat eggs long ago. This forum is intended for people to share stories why they refused to eat eggs.

      Going Egg-free within your vegetarian diet is common for some people who were lacto vegetarians. Or some people has refused to eat eggs because, chickens only lay eggs to reproduce chicks for the next generation of chickens, or some people kept chickens as pets instead of food.

      Many roosters has been ground up alive,--after they were hatched, and sexed. Not even one rooster is spared during egg-farming. They've been rejected because, male chickens don't lay eggs.

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    • 3 weeks, 4 days ago

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